Gemstone Types

A Guide to Colored Gemstone Types

Beyond classic diamonds, couples now often prefer ethical engagement rings uk featuring colorful gemstones. Their dazzling hues and meanings make alternatives like sapphires and rubies popular centerpiece choices. Understanding the qualities of the most popular colored gems helps guide selection.

Sapphires exhibit excellent hardness and durability for daily wear. Most prized in velvety blue, they also occur in stunning yellow, pink and green varieties. Sapphires symbolize wisdom, sincerity and commitment.

Rubies display a lush red color ranging from pinkish to deep crimson. The most valuable rubies glow vivid red. Associated with passion and vitality, rubies complement both modern and vintage ring designs.

With their vivid green hue, emeralds have been treasured since ancient times. They signify renewal and life forces. While softer than other gems, emeralds shine beautifully in protected settings.

Opals flaunt rainbow colors with their unique play of fire. Their delicate composition requires protective settings but results in unparalleled flashing displays. Opals inspire creativity and hope.

Tourmalines dazzle in an array of colors thanks to their complex mineral composition. Hues include pink, peach, teal, blue and green. Some stones display two-tone or color-change effects.

Garnets exist in several varieties and colors, from deep red to vibrant green. Prized since ancient Greece, garnets symbolize friendship and trust. Their abundance makes them a budget-friendly choice.

Aquamarine emits a light blue or turquoise tone. The sea-colored aquamarine imparts calm and tranquility. Its hardness makes it very durable for daily wear.

With their beauty and symbolism, colored gems make ethical engagement rings uk uniquely personal. Let your beloved’s style and passions help guide you to the perfect distinctive gemstone.

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