International Driving Licence

How to Apply for International Driving Licence in the UK?

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Are you going abroad on holiday? If you want to stay there for a long time and visit the places, driving is the best option for you. Whether you want to drive your own car or rent a car in a foreign country, you should have an international driving license.

An international driving license is a legit permit that allows you to drive freely in foreign countries, like Uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc. 

The best thing is that the IDP you get from is allowed you to drive in more than 150 foreign countries. You can easily apply for your international driving license from the official IDP site. 

About international driving license 

An international driving permit is known as an international driving license. It is an official permit that allows you to drive in foreign countries legally. The best thing is that IDP is authorized by United Nations, which makes this document an official document. 

It shows that the license holder has a valid driving license in their home country. Along with the driving freedom, it also helps to translate the language. It works like a language translator that helps to translate the language of your driving license into a language that is understood by officials and checks your credentials. 

The international driving permit contains important information, including the license holder’s name, driving information, valid ID, and photo. A valid IDP also means that the license holder also has a valid driving license and passport. 

Key features of the international driving license 

  • The international driving license is the official document that allows you to drive in more than 150 foreign countries legally. 
  • The different types of IDP come with 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year validity.
  • If you want to drive in the UK or other foreign countries like Canada, you should apply for an international driving permit at
  • The international driving permit also allows you to claim insurance from insurance companies if something happens with the vehicle during driving.
  • The valid international driving license is printed in different languages, like German, French, Italian, English, Arabic, etc.

Requirements to apply for IDP

There are specific requirements you should meet to apply for an international driving licence and get approved by

  • You should be at the age of 18 years or more to apply for an international driving license in Uk 
  • You should have your valid passport
  • You should have your valid local driving license 

A step-by-step guide to getting IDP in Uk streamlined the international driving permit application process by creating an easy-to-use platform. You can easily complete your IDP application process in a few minutes. Here is the simple guide to getting your IDP online in the UK 

  • Apply online

First, you need to apply for your IDP online at In this phase, you should fill out the application form for IDP with accurate details. Ensure to check the eligibility criteria before applying for IDP.

  • Upload photos 

Once you fill out the IDP application form, you should add the necessary documents with it. You should upload your ID proof, residency proof, local driving license copy, passport copy, etc., online at after filling out the application form. 

  • Get Approved 

After completing the application form and updating the necessary documents at, you have to wait for confirmation. If all your details are accurate and verified by officials of IDP, you get your international driving permit. 

How to apply for an International driving license 

Here is the easy way to apply online for an International driving license at

  • First, you need to visit and click on apply now button on the homepage.
  • Once you tap on the “Apply Now” button, you navigate to the IDP application form.
  • In this application form, you are asked to fill in your personal details accurately, like name, email address, contact number, date of birth, foreign country name, etc.
  • After that, you should agree to all terms and conditions displayed on your screen.
  • Give a headshot photo and submit your digital signature
  • Now, cross-check all the details that you filled in the application form
  • In last, you should make the payment online via your credit card or debit card and complete this process 

What type of IDP do you get

The offers you a choice of three different types of IDP, IDP 1926, IDP 1949, and IDP 1968. The IDP 1926 is valid for 1 year. It means you can drive in a foreign country only for 1 year if you issued IDP 1926. 

The IDP 1949 are valid for 3 years. It means you are allowed to drive in a foreign country for 3 years if you have IDP 1949. On the other hand, the long-term IDP is IDP 1968, which is valid for 5 years.

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