How to DIY An Unique T-shirt For Your Kids?

Parents have the common sense that gives their best and unique things to children. While talking about buying the cloth, parents usually purchase them in the store. However, it is not related to being unique and special, because all the clothes are factory line outcomes.

HTVRONT helps parents fill their precious love into reality. Parents can DIY unique clothes for their kids at home using heat transfer vinyl  (HTV). 

Here are some tips on how you can DIY a t-shirt using HTV at home for kids. Also, you can make DIY pants, jeans, hats, etc., in the same way. You can choose htv vinyl rolls and htv vinyl sheets.

Table of Contents

1. Preparation for making DIY t-shirt

2. Steps to apply HTV to make your love come true 

3. Tips for more DIY

Preparation for making DIY t-shirt

It is easy to start up a DIY t-shirt. Compared with the high costs of the clothing brands in the shopping mall, you can smartly save money buying more comfortable t-shirt fabric, especially 100% cotton. Then, you can draw down your ideas, such as the words you want to say to your kids, the picture you want to show your love, etc. The drawing app can be PS, AI, or even just on your iPad or phone. And save them as JPEG., PNG., and SVG format. 

Next, you can choose the heat transfer vinyl by colors, patterns, and types. You can search on HTVRONT’s official website, which provides plenty of HTV that can meet all your needs. Add to the chart and wait for the start.


Steps to apply HTV make your love come true 

As long as the vinyl arrives, you can cut out your picture on vinyl and peel off the remains (only vinyl, not its transparent adhesive backing). To print the design on the t-shirt, you need an iron and a fabric as heating insulation material. 

Now you are going to DIY on a 100% cotton shirt. Set the iron on the cotton mode, put the shirt on a flat table, lay the peeled vinyl, then put the fabric on top of the vinyl. While the temperature is heating up, you can press the iron with your hand pressure on each place of the picture, especially the edge, at around 15s. While waiting for its cooling down, you can peel the adhesive backing. Your DIY has been done!


Tips for more DIY

I know you already cannot wait to make it by yourself. But, please notice those tips below.

1. If you want to DIY in a large volume, you could purchase a cutting machine, heat-press machine, weeding tools, and Teflon sheet to upgrade your efficiency.

2. Each fabric has a different ironing temperature and pressure. Please check the HTVRONT web ( to get the information. 

3. HTVRONT provides various high-quality heat transfer vinyl in different sizes, types, and patterns, which meet all your needs.


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