Beautiful & Hottest WWE Diva in 2022

Follow this list of the top stunning and sexy WWE divas 2022 if you want to know who are currently the most seductive female wrestlers in the company.

You can participate in some of the largest WWE grapplers challenges on one of the most well-known and established wrestling stages, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). You may see wrestling matches involving a variety of people here.

Brooke, Dana

Ashley Mae Sebera, often known as Dana Brooke in the ring, is a skilled American grappler and wellness competitor who was born on December 29, 1988. She is currently working for SmackDown and is regarded as one of the sexiest WWE diva. She has a stunning physique and a mind-blowing personality.

Dana signed her most enduring WWE contract in July 2013, and she started her career on this important stage. Her stunning 37-27-36 body measurement, light hair, and bruised eyes make her startling. She is one of the fantastic WWE Divas in 2022 and has a tonne of supporters all across the world. In 2016, Dana Brooke achieved a remarkable feat by ranking 26th out of the top 50 female grapplers.

Rebecca Lynch

One name typically comes to mind when discussing the sexiest and most beautiful diva in the WWE, and that name is none other than Becky Lynch. A skilled Irish wrestler known by her ring name Becky Lynch, Rebecca Quin is currently endorsed by the RAW brand on the WWE stage. She entered the world on January 30, 1987.

Becky started getting ready to become a skilled grappler in 2002 and advanced quickly. She is regarded as one of the toughest female wrestlers to ever take the WWE stage. Both her hotness and anger make this hot WWE diva stand out. Her body measurements of 37-27-36, earthy coloured eyes, and earthy coloured hair add to her allure and interest. She is unquestionably one of the hottest WWE Diva at the moment.

The Canadian elite grappler Aliyah Aliyah is known as one of the most attractive and smokiest WWE divas in 2022. In Toronto, Canada, on November 23, 1994, she entered the world. Her ring name is Aliyah, but her real name is Nhooph Al-Areebi. Similar to her SmackDown ring moniker, she performs there.

Aliyah is 51 kg (160 cm) tall, level, and of average build. She is primarily well-known for her seductive persona among followers all around the world. She has an excellent exciting figure and is quite stunning. People adore her because she is attractive and one of the best competitors in the wrestling world.

Amazon Bliss

In 2022, Alexis Kaufman, better known by her ring name Alexa Bliss, will be another popular WWE diva. She was born on August 9th, 1991, and is a skilled American woman wrestler.

In May 2013, Alexa started working for WWE, joining the fledgling brand NXT. Massive fans are everywhere for this attractive girl wrestler. She has an amazing chiselled body, and her blonde hair is stunning. She is the only woman to have held both SmackDown women’s belts.


Catherine Joy Perry, often known as Lana in the WWE, is the next sexiest and most attractive WWE diva on our list. This American professional female grappler, who was born on March 24, 1985, is currently on-trend because of her connection to excellence and attractiveness.

She is one of the most desirable WWE divas in 2022 thanks to her fair hair, hazel eyes, and solidly built frame. She started her WWE wrestling career in April 2016 and currently is on the Raw roster. She has had a successful wrestling career up to this point and has many devoted followers all over the world.


The next most attractive and seductive WWE Diva on our list is Leah Van Dale, better known by her ring name Carmella. She was born on October 23, 1987, and is a skilled female American grappler.

In 2013, Carmella began working for WWE as part of NXT, and she is currently active on the SmackDown roster. She has a gorgeous figure and a lovely face, making her hot and seductive. This five-foot-five female grappler is one of the most stunning WWE divas in 2022, and she has enormous worldwide support.

Emily Marie

How can we forget Eva Marie while deciding who the top WWE diva of 2022 will be? On September 19, 1984, this 5 feet 8 inch hot and gorgeous American expert female grappler entered the planet.

Eva Marie started working for WWE in July 2013 and is currently a part of SmackDown. She is a well-known, sexy, and beautiful female grappler who is never slow to put on stunning displays in the ring. That is why you can find numerous allies of Eva through online entertainment wherever in the world.

Billie Kay, a skilled female Australian wrestler One of the most seductive diva’s in the WWE right now is Jessica McKay, better known by her ring name Billie Kay. She has an incredibly seductive and intense physique that drives WWE fans nuts all over the world.

Presently, Kay is a member of the Raw Brand. She started her WWE wrestling career in June 2007 and achieved amazing success because of her dedication and excellent wrestling skills. Due to her grandeur, provocative body, and surprise performances, this 5 feet 8 inch hot female grappler has amassed a massive fan base all over the world.

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