Top Technology Blogs in 2022

Technology professionals now refer to the Devops Research & Assessment program, or DORA, as the industry standard for assessing the software development process. The results of the DORA program demonstrate how the technology industry is improving its comprehension of how to achieve quantifiable and significant improvements in the lifecycle of implementing software upgrades in goods and services.

By supporting more frequent and dependable releases, reducing errors and testing time, and speeding up the distribution of updates to end users, tools like Pluralsight Flow are helping management and team members. Before allowing your DevOps teams to use DORA’s metrics, you must first understand what they are and how to improve them.

1. TechCrunch

One more of the top technology blogs is TechCrunch. Startups, online products, and the most recent tech news comprise its main subject matter. Since its launch in June 2005, it has attracted 12 million unique visitors each month, resulting in more than 37 million page views throughout the same time frame. Visit TechCrunch to learn more about the newest programs, games, apps, and companies.

2. Mashable

Finally, the famous ones. Mashable has millions of social media followers. Through technology, digital culture, and entertainment coverage, it reaches a global audience. Pete Cashmore created it in 2005 and was first-to-market. Mashable was one of many media platforms.

3. Read Dive

Why not use a wildcard? You’re probably not familiar with this blog. So, it’s first. Read Dive covers software development, testing, and financing. It has great content that interests me. Due to its rising popularity, I may move it to #1 in a few years.

4. The Verge

The Verge is one of my faves since it promotes digital content over traditional media, including podcasts and entertainment shows. In 2011, the blog emphasized the future (something that can be judged from the website aesthetics as well).

5. CNet

CNet is the largest website for tech news, reviews, podcasts, articles, and videos. It’s a popular website with over 200 million monthly users. It covers smartphones, computers, security, tech culture, the internet, Apple, and Google.

6. Kualitatem

Kualitatem is an IT software quality assurance provider. Software testing, QA best practices, and practical QA methodologies are covered in their publications. Kualitatem’s blogs cover QA, technology consulting, advisory, and auditing. These blogs include issues such as automated security, performance, usability, cross-platform compatibility, and functional testing. These technical blogs might help your QA testing.

7. Tech World Times

Tech World Times targets readers interested in AI, blockchain, development, testing, and fintech. It includes in-depth analysis of market segments and product categories, analyzes recent industry trends, and offers perceptions beneficial to both established enterprises and new initiatives.

8. Kualitee

Kualitee tests cloud-based software. Developing test plans, enhancing software testing productivity, traceability, manual and automated testing, and other things are shown in technical blogs. The Kualitee blog explains how to use testing tools to manage and track all testing assets. This website is excellent for beginners and experts alike.

9. Testrig Technologies

Their blog shows their QA software testing passion. Through their Software Testing Blog session, they’re discussing new Trends, Tools, Best Practices, and Techniques. Their blogs provide technical help and QA needs. Testrig blogs cover web testing, mobile app testing, automated testing, and more. These sections provide in-depth information on best practices, protocols, QA Techniques, Tools, and other topics useful to rookie and seasoned QA Testers.

10. ReadWrite

In order to give readers reliable industry news, reviews, and analysis, ReadWrite was established in 2003. It has a huge audience and outstanding material, making it deserving of a place on our list.

11. Daily Tech Times

Despite the fact that The Daily Tech Times covers a wide range of tech-related issues, its emphasis on software testing is its key strength and the reason for its success. The website acts as a resource center for current and prospective testers who want to learn more about the field because it covers every imaginable aspect of software testing as a process, a job, and an industry. It frequently offers top-notch articles that will satiate all of your questions about software testing.

Why not read this article? Let’s speak about some game technology blogs to extend our debate and bring amusement and diversity to our list.

12. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

What a name, first of all! Its content is equally flawless in comparison to their reputation. It concentrates on hourly-published news, reviews, and tutorials for PC-only gaming hardware and software. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a book that gamers and game developers who are interested in gaming and its many facets should read.

13. GamesRadar

As far as gaming technology blogs go, GamesRadar+ is comparable to the industry benchmark. The fact that it amalgamated with and absorbed its sister publications, Edge, SFX, Total Film, and Computer and Video Games, sets it apart as a major role. So that you may enjoy reading, it contains all the technical information you’ll need, as well as entertainment and game content.


The 2020 blogs that I have enjoyed reading are indicated above, and they are all included on my list of the finest blogs even though they are not put in any particular order. In my perspective, technology has had little to no influence on human life over the duration of millions of years. But technology has expanded into our lives over the past century—for both good and bad reasons—and it is here to stay. And as long as it does, there will always be people who are curious to learn about the most recent advances in the quickly expanding fields of science and technology.

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