Maa Laksmi on Fridays

How to get blessings of Maa Laksmi on Fridays

According to popular Vedic astrology and online astrology services offering free Kundali-making services, Fridays are considered the most auspices weekday to get the blessing from Mall Lakshmi. It is considered the ideal day to appease the goddess and maintain peace and prosperity.

Lakshmi’s blessings will be the most effective remedy to attain good fortune if you also suffer from life’s problems and are going through a financial crisis. Therefore, worshipping goddess Lakshmi on Fridays has much religious significance and worth.

Significance of worshipping goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism 

In Hinduism, every single day is dedicated to one god or goddess. If you worship them on that day, you can overcome the challenges and find peace to attain prosperity. Similarly, Fridays are dedicated to Goddess Laksmi, and worshipping her on this day with ultimate devotion will prove helpful in attaining money and wealth. Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Without her blessing, you can’t achieve financial success in life. Therefore, astrology suggests pleasing her if you cannot lead a successful career and don’t have enough financial success.

Rituals of worshipping goddess Lakshmi on Fridays

Friday mornings are considered the ideal weekday to start worshipping goddess Laksmi. However, you should remember to collect everything you need to perform the puja in advance to maintain every ritual correctly. The following are the most significant rituals associated with Laskmi Puja on Fridays.

  • Choose any elevated platform in your house. Clean the place well and place an idol of goddess Lakshmi there.
  • Decorate the place and the idol well to experience a serene atmosphere in your worship.
  • Once you are done decorating and arranging the puja items, start worshipping the goddess. However, you should concentrate enough while worshipping the goddess.
  • After completing your pooja, chant the mantras, perform “Maa Lakshmi dhyana,” and offer prasad to the goddess.
  • Then perform the aarti to complete the puja rituals. After you complete the puja, distribute the prasad among your friends, children, or other family members.

Effective Friday remedies to get Maa Laksmi’s blessings

Fridays are considered the most auspicious to get blessings from the goddess of wealth. Here are the most effective Friday remedies for you.

  • Recitation of Lakshmi Stotras

The most significant part of worshipping goddess Lakshmis on Fridays is chanting mantras. According to Vedic astrology, Lakshmi Strotra, Shri Sukta, or Kanakdhara Stotra are the most effective mantras you can chant on Fridays.

  • Significance of red coloured flowers in Lakshmi puja

Hindu mythologies believe that red-coloured flowers are the favourite offerings to Maa Laksmi. Therefore, on your Friday worshipping, you can offer the goddess any red-coloured flower like lotus, rose, and hibiscus.

  • How to perform Maa Laksmi Aarti

You can take four pieces of camphor and place some cloves on it to perform the aarti while worshipping the goddess. It is believed to enhance the puja atmosphere and attain mental peace through your worshipping.

  • Chanting mantras

If you worship Maa Lakshmi on Fridays, you can take a garland of Kamalgatte. Then you can start the puja by chanting Maa Lakshmi’s mantra, ‘Om Shree Hreem Shree Kamale Kamallaye Prasid Prasid Shree Hreem Shree Om Mahalakshmi Namah’.

  • Offering things 

Kheer is believed to be the favourite prasad of Maa Laksmi. Therefore, on Fridays, while worshipping, you can offer kheer and some fruits to the goddess.

After you are done with the puja, distribute the kheer and prasad among young children and your family members. If you can continue doing the same for at least 21 Fridays, you can overcome the financial challenges and achieve prosperity and success.

What should be avoided in worshipping goddess Lakshmi

In popular Hindu beliefs, Maa Laksmi is the goddess who removes poverty and blesses you with good luck, fortune, and wealth. While worshipping the goddess on Fridays, you should refrain from doing these things.

  • It is believed that Maa Lakhmi comes to your home only if you maintain proper cleanliness in your surroundings. So, you should never leave your home uncleaned as it can worsen the financial crisis. Always keep your surroundings and the puja place clean before performing the puja.
  • While performing the puja, maintain utmost attention in chanting the mantras and performing the other rituals. Your worshipping will be fruitless if you’re not attentive enough to the rituals.
  • Prefer idols of goddess Laksmi made of clay or silver only instead of glass idols.
  • Avoid keeping footwear on the front door as it is considered inauspicious, according to Hindu mythology.
  • You should never eat non-vegetarian foods on Fridays if you worship the goddess Lakshmi.


So, here is the significance of worshipping goddess Lakshmi on Fridays. You can worship the goddess on other weekdays as well. However, worshipping the goddess on Fridays is considered the most auspicious and serene. If you want more knowledge about Lakshmi Pujan and other pooja rituals, contact a well-experienced astrologer who can suggest effective advice according to your Janam kundali.

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